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Brook House Academy offers our student athletes the complete soccer experience to align with their unique talents and ambitions. Focused on building futures and opening doors, we combine an outstanding rigorous academic curriculum with a world class soccer preparation program. 

  • Individual training plans (both outfield and physical plans) 

  • Emphasis on a range of key technical attributes

  • Strength and performance (weights and resistance, speed, core, plyometrics, activation, flexibility)

  • Physical performance testing

  • Development workshops (technical enhancement, tactical education, psychological development)

  • Global opportunities and UK exchange program

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Brooke House Academy USA is proud to partner with Brooke House Football Academy UK in providing our student athletes with opportunities and pathways to college and professional soccer around the world.

With this transatlantic partnership, every student at Brooke House Academy USA is eligible for our player exchange program with the prestigious Brooke House Football Academy UK!

In partnership with Brooke House Football Academy UK, our program identifies, develops, and promotes top soccer talent. Our student athletes will have the opportunity to work with an outstanding group of current and former professional EPL soccer players on their journey to success.


We are thrilled to be developing young players with a passion to have a professional career in soccer. Although there is never a guarantee of reaching professional success, our connections to Brooke House Football Academy UK and throughout the soccer world mean that Brooke House Academy USA is able to offer the best possible preparation and exposure for aspiring talent.

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